More than ten years JSC "Konsole" has been carrying out constructional works under contracts in Western Lithuania and in other parts of the country.

    Integrated quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standart requirements was implemented in the constructional enterprise. The progressive methods of work are used in the company, and constructors work using up-to-date tools, effective and convenient small machinery.

    There are a lot of qualified workers at JSC "Konsole": bricklayers, plasterers, roofers, masters of wood processing; all of them are working under an experienced foremen, having university education and special technical education, supervision. The majority of construction managers are certified engineers.

    There are much enough new machines and facilities also, 60 percent of it are from Germany and France.

    In the sector of subsidiary production joiner's and machine shops are operating. Wooden and metal parts and structal features for constructing are being made there. Professionals and workers work in accordance with the requirements of design and customers, all projects are delivered to owners in time in accordance with terms and conditions of the contracts.

    This company has a licence to construct objects of enlarged insecurity.

    Due to above mentioned advantages JSC "Konsole" wins public tenders. So 80 company's workers always have a job.